• Jade Xiang Chen

Treating Menopause Depression with Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine believes menstruation, reproduction, and kidney are closely connected. The appearance of menopause is due to kidney Yin deficiency. The unbalanced Yin and Yang cause various menopause symptoms. It’s important to nourish the kidney (Yin) and suppressing Yang using Chinese herbs and acupuncture.

  • Both heart and liver plays an important role in controlling our emotions. Chinese herbs and acupuncture clear away the heart-fire and calm the liver; as a result, improving sleep quality, providing relaxation, and adjusting the nervous system.

  • Through consultation to look at menopause in the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. Along with prevention and knowledge of menopause symptoms, we should not be nervous about it.

  • Establishing a healthy diet through Chinese diet therapy.

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