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3 Ways Traditional Chinese Medicine Help You Get Pregnant

With the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine, couple conceive naturally and they can create their “organic” baby. As the baby boomers become grandparents, couples today are struggling with the problem, fertility. From my past 30 years experiences, the following three problems often occur:


1. Seed needs nourishing soil:

If we want to have great harvest, we need to provide nourishing soil for the seed. Becoming pregnant is like gardening. The egg is like the seed, and the mother is the soil that provides nutrition to nourish the seed. In fertility treatments, people often place all their attention on the “seed” and forget about the importance of nourishing the “soil”.

For example, I worked with a patient who had two unsuccessful pregnancies. Upon initial assessment, I found her body constitution to be weak and she has light period. Applying TCM principles, herbal medicine, and acupuncture, I was able to nourish her Qi and blood to improve her body and increase her period flow. These steps created the rich soil for the seed. With 6 months, she successfully became pregnant.


2. Sowing the seeds:

In gardening, we sow the seeds in the spring, and harvest in autumn. We all know the importance of timing for sowing seeds, and this is similar for choosing the right time to conceive too. This is another key TCM principle – follow nature. Like sowing seeds in the spring, the best time for women to bear children is 20 to 30. After this time interval, the quantity and quality of egg will be influenced by different factors. This is one of the biggest reasons for many older women experiencing infertility. This and other endocrine metabolism reasons can cause problems with ovulation. TCM help improve ovary function disorder, giving the patient chance to have a successful pregnancy.


3. Sperm – balancing Yin and Yang:

Successful pregnancy is not only the women’s job. It is also based on the quality of the man’s sperm. People often ignore this factor. People often care about the number of the sperm on lab reports rather than quality of the sperm. In recent years, the incidence of sperm quality has been decreasing and is becoming one of the top diseases. I use herbal medicine to increase the quality of sperm, which increases the pregnancy rate, and help my patient to have successful pregnancy.

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