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Healing Journey: Alopecia (Balding/Hair loss)

Alopecia is a form of hair loss. It is often shown as hair fall out in small patches which might not be noticeable at first.

Today I would like to share an alopecia healing journey using Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.) in a holistic approach. My patient reached out to me due to her sudden recent hair loss. A week ago, the patient had a coin size hair loss on her head. She was very scared by the unusual symptom to the point where she was afraid to wash and even comb her hair.

From my past clinical experience, alopecia is not only a skin disorder, but it is also closely related to other disorders. While I was providing treatment, I referred this patient to her doctor for a check up. Although the patient was confused, the blood work showed abnormalities and revealed endocrine disorders. Through a three-month course of T.C.M. treatment, the patient regained her hair. Afterwards, I suggested continuing to see the doctor for treatment of her endocrine disorder.

From a T.C.M. point of view, I believe many symptoms that appear outside of our body may be a reflection of inner body disorders or symptoms of an untreated medical condition. Like the example above, what appeared as skin symptoms is actually related to an underlying medical condition. As an experienced T.C.M. practitioner, I’m able to use my knowledge to identify and resolve the root cause and heal my patient.

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