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4 Acne Causes That You Should Know

As our living standards and quality of life continue to improve, acne, one of the most common skin problems, starts to catch people’s attention. Patients are also searching for a effective way to resolve this skin condition.

Acne is a skin problem. However, from my years of clinical experience treating acne, I have seen how it is closely related to the following factors in our daily life.

  • Emotional Factor:

Acne can be considered as a kind of psychosomatic illness. Most patients with acne are teenagers or young adults who are still in adolescence. They are often stressed out about school, work, relationships and learning how to balance these things in their lives. Being under stress for a long time can easily affect the normal secretion of the sebaceous glands and cause skin problems such as acne.

  • Hormonal Factor:

Girls who have acne will often experience symptoms worsening when they have menstrual period. The increase of symptoms during this time can be extremely frustrating. The appearance of these symptoms is because of the imbalanced sex hormones. Effective Chinese Medicine treatment help to balance these hormones and lessen the outbreak. However, girls who take medications such as birth control pills, corticosteroids ... etc will discover that these medications will make their symptoms worse or worsen acne.

  • Diet Factor:

Certain food are “acne catalysts”, such as spicy and greasy food. Many people experience an acne outbreak after having a big meal at a friend’s birthday party or after holidays. Maintaining a healthy diet is very important. Eating “real and whole” food and drinking enough water every day are essential factors in keeping metabolism running well and decreasing the chances of acne outbreaks.

  • Climate Factors:

Many students come from different parts of the world. For instance, the climate between the mainland and island is quite different. The weather here in Victoria is much more humid, and in the summer the UV index is very high. Both the dampness and the sun can affect the skin. Being aware of using sunscreen and other skin protection products is very important. Some students often bring cosmetic products from where they used to live to their new country, yet these products might not be the best fit for this different climate. My advice is change to different products that is suitable for the new climate as soon as possible to avoid any skin problems.


In addition, here are some reminders for girls who have acne. When you are trying to choose a skin care product, it is better to choose products that contain less oil and more water. No matter how long you sleep every night, you must remove all the makeup from your face because these cosmetic products block the pores and make acne even worse. While you are having your treatments, try not to use any oily products or face masks, and try not to use heavy greasy creams that may block your pores.

There are many factors that could affect the development of acne. Being aware of your diet, getting enough sleep, keeping your skin clean, and trying to balance school and life so you are not stressed out all the time will allow your facial muscles to rest and give your skin and cells an opportunity to heal. Having a positive attitude, getting the right treatment, and going to see the doctor during early stages of acne will definitely help you to resolve acne. Stay young, and say goodbye to acne.

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