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  • Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner in B.C.

  • Doctor of Medicine (Beijing, China) 

  • Graduated from Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine University

  • 18 years of experience in Chinese & Western Gynecology and Surgery at Capital Medical University Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Certificate of Estrogen Deficiency & Menopause program, College of Physicians & Surgeons, New York City, NY

  • Certificate of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Specialized in Gynecology Treatment

  • 38 years of experience in China & Canada 


Jade Chen (Xiang Chen)

"Prevention is more important than treatment". 

Jade has lived and practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Victoria and Vancouver since 2000. She is passionate to create awareness of the effects of TCM, while achieving a balance with the Western way of life. Jade believes in a holistic approach, whereby the body depends on the balance of interconnected systems to maintain optimal health.


Jade specializes in women’s health and skin problems. Further, she is well-educated in additional treatments for a variety of health problems. Jade provides a professional consultation, evaluation, and customized care plan, inclusive of acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, disease prevention, and diet therapy. 


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